"I tell you, we are here on earth to just fart around,

and don't let anybody tell you different." Kurt Vonnegut

Dare To Be Dumb

Motor Mike exhibits the perfect fashion statement for times of stress...


Photo by Eva Soltes of Harrison House

Santa's Tam by Agnes Rettie


Rake Boy / 1947


A Desert Aminal


See all the screens here

"Dog eat Dog" / 47"x42" / hand cut from 10g hot rolled sheet steel / June 2022

One of twenty-two different panels created for an old brick building at the

foot of Park St. in Emeryville, California.


New Stuff



In the collection of a criminal defence lawyer is the much loved and

very sophisticated sculpture from the early 1990's, Stupid Fuck Brane.

Used as a thinking cap for his clients, I am told.


"Just gimme the leavings, and that will do."


A poem gate to the desert varmints of The Mojave Desert - 2021

"What work inspires you?," they ask.

"My work."


We have dared to be dumb

While Jim Hardy awakes to a New World Odor

on Wednesday morning, November 8, 2016

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The Coffee Hounds

Persons of Interest


Small 1968 Woodcuts

People Drawings 2015/2016

Tin Can Cut Outs 2016

Wax crayon drawings

Enamel on Paper Paintings

Pet Paintings

Linoleum Cuts

The Famous Baseball Players of 1973

As an artist, should you live long enough,

stuff starts sailing back to you and others

want to know it's value. Like me, I tell them,

it is priceless. I will never happen again.

Ruthie with the fruits of her loom

in 1947. One war was over but

another about to begin, for

Ruthie and George and...

Easter Sunday, 1949, Weston, Mass., USA

Three kids waiting to grow up... One

never did, grow up. What for?

"Life is hard. And then you die"

- Johnny Winter -

"Pretty Doggie", 2023, oil crayon on shellacked

craft paper. 4ft x 6ft

"Snakey Wakey" and "Big Fish"

Each 4'x6' oil crayon on shellacked

craft paper - March 2024


"Gecco Thing" 4ft x 6ft


New Steel Work In The Desert


"Jack Rabbit" sharpie drawing and

computer generated image / 2023

4" x 6" , Post Card


Awwww. Just kidding.


Finally I have arrived! From San Francisco a young woman came

across in an atique shop in the Mission District a large silk screen

I created in 1973. She wrote and asked if she could use it as a

tattoo. So now not only am I an antique but I am a tattoo on

a complete stranger's right arm. Pretty good job too.

Sometimes life is Perfict. Prefict. Perfect.

But the text, "Fuck You All," is missing!

Well, you can't have everything. But, thanks so much

for asking. Most people just steal the images.


Wow from Bal'more, Maryland, USA

The studio and home of Trisha

and David Friedheim in Baltimore


"Shandra", by Marky B. 2023


Farting around cutting wood in 1968, when I felt really wanted.

Actual size woodcut hand burnished on Japanese rice paper.


And below, four beauteous whoreseys created in 2020 here in Oakland, California.










No farting around here! 1973, enamel silk screen on board.


"Woman" 1. 4' x6', oil crayon on shellacked craft paper 2024


A Sketchy from 2024


Enamel silk screen from 1973. Farting around with homeland security.


1975 news print paper stencil and poster ink silk screen, 8" x 8"


Farting around with cut steel in 2015, above, and in 2016, below.


I love this piece of cut sheet steel. It is so elegantly cut. No BS about it.


YumYum the Yucca Tree. Fall at Fart Around Central in California.

Somewhere in Orinda, California an archway from about 1995

is lit by the early morning sun


"Ha!", says Ms. Sun, farting around down there in Joshua Tree, California.


Farting around for the San Francisco Jewish Museum in 2014.

Slip cast ceramic multiples all reduction fired to different colors


(Above) Lovers farting around in flame cut sheet steel in 1987.


My big brother George, Ruthie, and me just farting around in 1947

on the split rail fence in front of the house she bought when notified

that her husband George was killed at the Battle of the Bulge.

George advised her to buy it because he knew he was not coming

home. And then he did. Mostly in one piece (at least on the outside).


I dedicate my latest painting to my big brother, George. After all, he was the best artist.


27 feet of some major farting around. "My Song of Oakland." 2018


Sarah and Rex, the proprietors of the Country Kitchen in Joshua Tree, California.

Sometimes I get to have some fun cutting steel, as only I can do. Above, from 2020

is one of those times. About 3.5 ft. x 10 ft. Sheet steel. Private comission

for clients in Santa Monica, California. Really, where else?


The Reefer Paintings from 1992

Reefer painting 1, acrylic on rag paper, 4'x6', 1992


Reefer painting 2, acrylic on rag paper, 4'x6', 1992


Reefer painting 3, acrylic on rag paper, 4'x6', 1992


Woods painting, Rustoleum on rag paper, 1986, 4'x5'


Woods painting, Rustoleum on rag paper, 1986, 4'x5'


Jersey Joany, acrylic on shellacked craft paper, 4'x6', 2021


Somewhere in Colorado is Carmen's Road Runner Cafe


Somewhere in Bend Oregon a screen from 1993 hangs.

"Two girls for every boy" so the song goes.


Slip cast molded ceramic painted with synthetic enamel



Slip cast glazed ceramic 1973


Slip cast glazed ceramic 1973


Artomat paw print reduction fired ceramic stoneware

Leaping lady "JOY" from the late sixties deemed

pornographic by the standards of 2022. However,

over 6500 of these boxes sold from vintage cigarette

machines before I quit. Nudity? Pornography?

Really. Where are we, humans? The only real

thing pornagraphic here is cigarettes themselves.


Who says high art is not accessible? Fuck thems.

Cuz, in the land of the blind, the one eyed man is King...


The Coffee Hounds